Video calling became an important part of our daily life, from professional meetings to personal chats everything happens over a video call. During the webcam times, video calling was rare, but now with the increased usage of smartphones and good internet connections, people started gathering virtually and video calling apps like Google Duo, Facetime are growing in popularity. We never have to miss a moment from birthday parties to weekly game nights, and everything is possible virtually with just a tap. This article, Google Duo vs FaceTime gives you a detailed comparison and makes you choose between them.

Duo by Google is a high-quality video and audio calling app which lets you connect with your friends and family who are already using Duo. Never miss a precious moment as you can make one to one and group video calls. Google Duo gives you a smooth video chatting experience. During a video call, you can easily switch from mobile data to Wi-Fi or vice versa without call drops. The users can also limit data usage in Google Duo.

Google Duo vs FaceTime

Do you miss anyone or wanna catch up with someone? You can have virtual interaction with anyone around the world using FaceTime. FaceTime is a freeware that depends on the internet connection to make audio and video calls. FaceTime works only across Apple platforms. Like other popular video calling apps, you can switch between your front and rear camera during video calls.

Google Duo vs FaceTime – Comparison

Initially, when FaceTime was introduced, there were not many competitors, but now there is so many video calling apps in the market. Here we compared the two best video calling Apps, Google Duo vs FaceTime, to make you choose the best one.

Platform Support

FaceTime is available only for iOS and Mac OS, but Google Duo supports multiple platforms like iOS, Android and also works on the web. This is the most important factor we should consider before choosing FaceTime. Unlike Google Duo, you can’t connect with people on other platforms in FaceTime.

Video Quality

Google Duo‘s video call quality is 720p, and coming up with a new Codec technology helps you make good quality video calls even during bad bandwidth conditions. On the other hand, the video quality of FaceTime is also amazingly great, but FaceTime sometimes drops connection during low bandwidth conditions.

Group Call

When FaceTime was introduced, only one-to-one video calling was available, but now it supports 32 participants in a group video call. Google Duo increased its group call participants from 8 to 12 and, furthermore, planned to increase up to 32 participants like FaceTime.

Group Call


As mentioned earlier, Google Duo’s interface is very simple, and even a new user can make a video call easily with a tap. But in FaceTime, making a video or audio call is not that straightforward, it takes little more steps than a tap. However, you can add favorites for quick access.

Fun Effects

FaceTime lets you use live Animojis, stickers, and other cool filters while you are on a video call. In the same way, Google Duo allows you to express yourself with Fun masks and new AR effects.

Fun Effects

Notes, Audio, and Video Messages

Other than video and audio calls, Google Duo lets you share notes, photos, audio, and video messages with Fun effects and let you save the messages you shared with your loved ones. But as Apple got iMessage to serve those features, it likely didn’t introduce these features in FaceTime. You can only make calls on FaceTime as there are no extra messaging features.

FaceTime vs Google Duo

Extra Cool features

Google Duo got some extra lovely features that FaceTime lags.

Google Duo vs FaceTime
  • Knock Knock allows you to see a live video preview of the caller even before you answer, and the person you are calling can also see a live preview of you.
  • The Low- light mode in Google Duo adjusts the lighting during poor-lighting conditions.

You can enable and disable these features in Google Duo settings. FaceTime users wish that Apple should come up with these Amazing cool features.

Click Pictures on Video Call

Google Duo recently introduced a new feature that lets you click snaps on your video call. The snaps will be viewable to everyone on the call and shared automatically to all the participants, but FaceTime didn’t come up with that feature yet. Maybe you can expect it in the future!

Take Snaps

End-to-end encryption

Both Google Duo and FaceTime are end-to-end encrypted, so all your calls and chats will stay secured and protected. No one can peek into your private conversation other than you and the person you are talking with.

Invite a friend to join

With Google Duo, you can invite friends and family members to join the Google Duo App with an invite message. In FaceTime, you can’t do all of those because to check whether a person is available in FaceTime, you need to scroll through the contacts manually when the contacts name appears blue it means they are available in FaceTime.

Family Mode and Sharing

Google Duo got the Family Mode feature, which allows you to doodle on video calls. This mode also hides the End and Mute buttons while you doodle on the screen to avoid distractions. In FaceTime, there is a feature called Family Sharing, which permits you to share the App with upto 6 members.

Doodle on Google Duo

Still not convinced with the features on iOS, try Google Duo on Android devices.

Google Duo requires a Google account, and FaceTime requires an Apple account or Phone Number to sign in and make video calls. The usage of Video calling Apps has considerably increased from WhatsApp to Zoom as there are many options you can choose from, but FaceTime and Google Duo are much better in terms of quality and security. Try using both and share your favorite one in the comments section or give us your feedback.