Video chat apps are fortunate as it has made us connect with anyone face-to-face in real-time. Luckily, the iOS device comes with FaceTime pre-installed. The only drawback of using FaceTime is it requires your recipient to have an iOS. While this cannot be taken over, you have to look for a better option to connect with people you love over video calls. Google Duo for iOS is a great option to make video and voice calls other than FaceTime. You never have to spare on your carrier bill as Google Duo for iPhone or iPad is free to download, install, and use forever.

Google Duo is available on multiple platforms, including phones, tablets, computers, and smart displays. Right from your iOS device, you can stay together with anyone irrespective of the device as they use the Duo app. You can make video calls in the highest quality with Google Duo for iPad. Based on your connection, Duo will auto-adjust your call quality. So, you won’t miss a moment of your friends, family, people who matter the most when you are away.

Duo on iPhone/iPad – What’s New

The cool new features on the Duo latest update offers

  • Connect with up to 12 people together in a group video call
  • Supports sharing photos, notes, video and voice messages to the group
  • With emojis, you can react to video messages
  • Share a personalized note when you can’t call or record a message

What’s Unique with Google Duo iOS

There are not many differences found with Duo on iOS upon comparing it with Google Duo Android in terms of features. However, there are some interesting things that you will find on iOS.

Any iOS device has the best camera

  • Not all Android phones or tablets will have the camera with a high pixel as an iPhone or iPad. The advantages of the iOS camera will likely reflect on Duo calls.
  • You will get the best video calling experience with better resolution and clarity.
  • In addition to this, the photo you capture while on a video call will be of better quality.

iOS users can use Siri to control Duo calls

  • Android users can only use Google Assistance to help you with Duo Calls. Whereas iOS users with iOS 12 or later can make use of Siri shortcuts to make calls.
  • You can either add shortcuts using Settings or from within the Duo iPhone app. Just record your personal phrase to use Google Duo iOS, and Siri will remember it.

How to Download Google Duo on iPhone or iPad

Google Duo is available as a dedicated app for iOS devices on Apple App Store. So, follow the guidelines given below to download it easily.


  • iPhone, iPad, or iPad touch with iOS 11.0 or later
  • Valid Phone number or Google Account
  • An active internet or WiFi connection

Steps to Download and Install Google Duo on iOS

Make sure you have signed into the App Store with your Apple ID just before proceeding with the steps below.

Step 1: Wake your iPhone or iPad with the face or touch ID.

Step 2: Click on the App Store icon from the home screen of your device.

App Store

Step 3: When the App Store opens up, tap on the Search (magnifier) tab at the bottom.

Search icon

Step 4: Now, key in the search bar as Google Duo using the screen keyboard.

Google Duo on iPhone

Step 5: Tap on the Search button and select Google Duo from the search result.

Step 6: Click the Get button to start downloading Google Duo on iPhone or iPad.

Google Duo for iOS

Step 7: You should authenticate your download with the touch or face ID or Apple ID password.

How to Setup and Use Duo on iOS?

After you downloaded the Google Duo app for iPhone or iPad, you should launch and set it up to use its features.

Step 1: Open the Duo app from the apps section of your iOS device.

Step 2: If it prompts you to access your contacts, camera, and audio, then grant permission.

Step 3: Provide the phone number when it prompts and click on Agree.

Step 4: When you receive a verification code as a text message, enter it to verify your number.

Step 5: Optionally, you can connect your Google Account before finishing the setup process.

Step 6: Swipe up on the Duo screen to tap on a contact name.

Google Duo iPhone

Step 7: Select Video or Voice call to connect with that user on Duo.

Make Calls

Final Thoughts

Google Duo is a handy option to connect with people face-to-face, irrespective of the distance and time. It gives very reason to call your favourite people or group. With the Duo app, you will never miss them any time, anywhere.